Facials Using Italian Technology


Facials using the VIP and UNA machines

Facial Treatments using VIP and UNA machines include anti-wrinkles and collagen stimulator in addition to face toning.

The treatments are non-invasive, safe and effective.

Microcurrent stimulates face muscles and radio frequency improves the skin tone and elasticity…

Body treatments

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Fat Reduction Treatments

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Lipo Attack Body Wraps

Lipo Attack Bandages

Treatments correcting the silhouette and recommended for Cellulite AND / OR sagging skin…

Cellulite Treatments

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Body Toning And Slimming

Anti-cellulite and water retention massage

Anti-cellulite massage helps to break up fatty tissues and improve the lymphatic system and the blood flow. It also allows the body to get rid of fluids that are being retained…

Laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal